Over 16 years ago Red River Assembly purchased 17 acres of land off of Hwy 41 in Springfield. There had always been plans, hopes and dreams of one day building a new Church on the hill. Over the next many years that plan just hadn't come to fruition. So three years ago we decided that maybe it was time to put the property on the market and that is just what we did. We listed it and had decided to sell it and take the money from the sale and put it towards our current building. What we did not expect was for the property not to sell. For the past three years that property has sat on the market. We thought that maybe the Lord was telling us he wasn't quite done with this land - that maybe HE still had a plan and a vision. So with much prayer and guidance from Pastor Wayne and the elders we chose to remove the property from the market. To date we have set up a building fund and are solely trusting in HIS sovereign plan. Please check back often to see where we are at in raising the necessary funds as well as new updates on blueprint choices for the church.